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We are delight to acknowledge that, due to the consecutive growth and higher expectation of our aristocratic products in local and international market WSTAR INTERNATIONAL LTD a promising Japanese Company has oriented it's new wings branded WAGYU (A Royal Japanese beef) standardize to the star Hotels, Restaurants, departmental store, chain supermarkets and so on.
We do maintain an International standard products, service and quality foodstuffs to all of our customers Where Time, quality, commitments and honesty is our ideological principle.

What is WAGYU


Human life is interconnected to the food consuming, a testy and safety food culture always support a life to live longer and make it happy. Now a days, the food fashion has been changed its color compare to the traditional system, The expectation of food safeties and its art of consume and cuisines differ country to country and culture to culture Also, is a significant part to the food and beverage industries in all over the World. In these values, here we would like to approach about. One of Japanese exclusive and luxurious products named WAGYU, which will really provide you a very new experiment, will make your mind a full of happiness even though take a look to its external appearance, like a color, each volume and part of organs. and style. Some of organ you may have it only for 6 pulse cocking after It will make your mouth a full of juicy enchanted feeling for its original test and specialty. Its oil tested like hot milky water. If you never try it you can't believe about its quality.
This exclusive brand of Japanese WAGYU is our sole product, WAGYU are completely processed in the Islamic way (HALAL WAY) monitoring, supervising and coordinating by the authority of Islamic Trust Japan from the top to bottom, directly. We feel proud that this is the first time Halal-beef in Japanese market. Meanwhile, we began export it to the UAE and Islamic administrative countries. Specially DUBAI, OMAN and Azerbaijan. Where we receiving a satisfactory response and high demand from those countries.

Spirituality Test :
Softness, fleshiness, Juicy pleasant in the tongue are its another characteristics, delicious flavor, rich and sensitive test are also mentionable WAGYU hold its original test too, including the amino acid, unsaturated fatty acid and Sashi-Abra are the spirituals power this WAGYU and cause of unbelievable softness enchant According to the agro-industry of Japan "SASHI ABURA" (beef oil hormon) is a means of measurement scale system. of each cow's test and quality respectively ranking systems. WAGYU's oil is very light and almost like a milky hot flavored water to consume. Overall, WAGYU cultivated in a very natural atmosphere and healthy environment of country side.in Japan We hope you are confident and be first to try it now.
Breeding Environment :
In Japan, Cow's breeding system has an entrusted subversive management principle to each farmer family. All of Animal husbandry peoples breed each cow with a very special care and supervised by the concern government authority. Also, soon after born a calf they goes for a registration and health insurance to the ancestral authority system for taking a special health care. It is like a human being census system That is why, they use a modern medical equipment's for hygiene controls keep each into cow shed many put many ventilation, scheming system for their living place. Normally they let them drinking pure water. always, Also, they put an animal feed tray to exertion a comfortable life for their growth.
Safe and High Quality Management
They follow a sensitive breeding system in every aspect of their daily growth and developments We do approach to build a confident to all of our valuable customer Thinking of this long and careful process of WAGYU breeding strategy and significances of this royal products There also mentionable, Japanese government invented the introduction of traceability system equipment's to monitor food data, food quality and food hazard place before unpacking for shipments. Now, be confident to become a valuable partner of WSTAR.
Badge of Reliance :
WAGYU is a Japanese domestic animal and has a long history to all Japanese citizen and is a kind of luxurious food fashion, also it's evaluated as a significant property to the Japanese agro-farmer even to all general Japanese peoples. WAGYU recognize as part of Japanese family property and important wealth. Like a gold.
Now, if you think and take look in your mind from the top to bottom of this original Japanese WAGYU's breeding system (How a Calf grows to be a Cow) you will be confident about that there has been maintaining a modern management and production system. W Star International feel proud and most confident to work with this WAGYU.

Beef Carcass and Respective Cuts

Beef Carcass and Respective Cuts

Recommended Cooking Methods for Each Cut

* = Specially Recommended Cuts
Part of Meat Steak Barbecue Roast Beef Stewing Sukiyaki Shabu-shabu
Primal Cut Sub-primal Cut
Chuck roll *
(Square cut chuck)
Shoulder clod
Chuck tender
Fillet *
Shortplate brisket
2 Rib short rib *
Short plate *
Gooseneck round *
D Rump

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